Halloween Horror Nights 21


Sunday, December 11, 2011

6 Houses in Development Already

      It's the holidays! The time of year when people gather together for dinner and gatherings. It's also the time of year when haunt season is being planned for Halloween, and yet it's not even 2012!!!
       Anyway, new update regarding Orlando and L.A.  First, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is coming to Hollywood!! The new area will NOT replace any existing attractions at Universal, but the Lower Lot will be expanding. This won't affect the # of mazes until the area is open come 2015, but it will affect HHN's budget for Hollywood.
       As for Orlando, it's sad Jaws is closed forever on 1/2/12. Not only they're taking out Jaws, but the whole Amity Area (area where Saws N' Steam was at this past year). With the Amity gone for next year's event, where will the 8th maze be? Will there even be an 8th maze? Strong possibility that there will still be 8, but since Universal is making room expanding Potter where Jaws was at, it's likely that the 8th maze will be in a soundstage.
      Just this past week (via DesigningtheFear), it's been reported that 6  haunted house concepts for HHN XXII have already been decided and 2 more have been brought up. This proves that 8 houses will come back.
    Well, that's all I got, as soon as more info comes, I'll be back.

Project: Rhythm

        Just this past week, we combined and created rhythm using our own created instruments. Mine was a form of a "rocket-type" instrument. I originally planned the two small engines that were taped to the huge rocket to come off, so I can use it as a "dual-type" instrument. But the bottle was leaking.
 (a little brawl after the performance)
        The design felt like it came back from a dangerous trip in space. It had made up alien language with the radiation emblem and the numbers "115". On the front, it said, "ENt3r tH3 MaCHiN3 (sound familiar to a maze?).
        The performance was better than I expected. I think ours was one of the best. Once we tried to combine our groups' instruments together, it turned out perfectly. Once we heard our song, we knew it was perfect. Overall, I think my group did a pretty good job. The only thing to ask is: What's next? What's in store for us come the end of the semester?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film Reviews

    These are the reviews of the films
                 1st Film (Shhh.. It's a Secret): Great effects (black and white) in the film. It was good, but I could barely here the narrator speak with the music and I wish they shot some movement in other places rather than one room. It's original which I really admire. Rating: 8/10
                 2nd Film (Our film) (The Flintstones): Our film, I thought, was great. It was very original with the pebble and the water, but the quote was very short and there wasn't any sound. Plus the film was short.  Rating: 8/10
                 3rd Film (The Void):  Another original concept. Excellent meaning about movement in every cluster and great special effects (slow-mo, black/white). The music was simple.It could have done better, but still good music. Rating: 9/10
                 4th Film (*Movement): The choice of music in this one was excellent and the editing was well done along with the meaning of movement. I wish they did a voiceover with power points to represent who they are in the beginning and I wish they remembered the quotes rather than reading off a paper.  Rating: 8.9/10
                  5th Film (Cherry Bomb): Very comedic than the others. Great editing in this one and great original music. I wish the quote was louder and more clear. Rating: 9/10
                  6th Film (Crazy Hair): Good video.  Don't know if it was only me, but the message in their video didn't get to me. There wasn't any story or theme for me. All I saw was people moving randomly with. The bloopers were funny, but it was longer than the film and some of the footage was unnecessary, Rating: 7.5/10
                  7th Film (Motion Hands):  Another good video. I got the story/message of the video, but there wasn't a lot of people in the film. There were 2 people (excluding the dancers) in the film. I wanted more people in it and the choice of the music didn't quite fit the film. Rating: 7.5/10

The Design of Movement

       This week, I learned and experienced movement physically and mentally. The picture below is what I think of silent movement. Two worlds collide in this picture, and I have an idea of what I'm creating.
       The design has 2 different textures colliding ( 2 WORLDS).  As of right now, there isn't anything in the circles, but they will soon be filled with crazy things. The design I plan to use was in the 2011 event in Orlando.  It's nothing much, but there will be more.
         I can't wait to see this after it's done. It'll be pretty crazy to do, but might as well try it.  I call the design, The IN-BETWEEN.

Friday, November 4, 2011


    HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!  As you all know, Halloween Horror Nights has just ended for 2011. It's the time of the year when we sob about how great HHN 21 was, but it's also the time of the year when rumors come in for next year's event and there's already one! A new rumor for HHN 22 has just come one day AFTER 21 ended.
    What's the rumor? Who knows who started it, but the rumor is that there might be 2 icons for HHN 22 and both icons will be twins! The twins will be taking over both Universal parks( yes, BOTH).
     But it's still a rumor and this is barely NOVEMBER!! New rumors will come very soon. Probably later this month, but I say maybe December or January. But the idea of twins isn't bad at all, but they would be copying HoS's icon. But remember, this is still a rumor. Until then, I will let you guys know when more rumors come in or when anything for HHN is confirmed. This is Mr.HHN, signing off.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Project List

      This week, we're creating a short film about movement. I am the writer, my friend superrr-duude is the artist, and are other 2 team members are the director/editor and the camera man.  Our movie will be about how movement is everywhere.
       In our film, we're going to have pictures joining together as a flipbook. The picture is water turning into a pebble and we will depict that. We will throw a pebble into a pond and watch the water's affect. Hopefully, it turns out what we expected it to be. As the writer, my perspective on the project is surprisingly different than usual. I'm usually in the camera or holding the camera, but this was very different. This was my 1st time writing a script, but I prefer directing rather than writing.